Models Who are or May be Coming to The Boston area

This is an experiment! Please try to work within my system for all our benefit. One photographer can rarely justify a model's whole trip by himself, but together we can!

I am working with various models that I like, to help them book enough hours in the Boston area to make it worthwhile for them to travel here. I will not be handling their booking schedules per se, you should contact them directly to book them, but in order for this to work out for all of us, please make sure you mention that you mention my name if you talk to them directly. I am trying to arrange a discounted rate and in order to get that rate, you need to mention me.

I will try to arrange these trips so they include both weekend and weekday dates to allow the maximum flexibility in scheduling.

Peach: No current plans for Boston area

Illiana: Working on a July visit but having car trouble... If you'd like to work with Illiana during that time period. Please let me know ASAP. Please note that Illiana is pregnant and will begin to show by the time of this visit! You get a discounted rate if you mention "GGPstudios in Boston" when you book her.

If a different time period would be better for you, let me know that as well!