The UnReasonable Models List

The purpose of this list is to distribute the names of models who have demonstrated that they don't read offers, Try to raise their rate after they've already quoted you for a shoot, make ridiculous demands regarding image rights, and in general have shown that they haven't got a clue. Models, you DON'T want to be put on this list!

Models get put on this list by photographers they've befuddled with their nonsensical behaviour. The photographer must state the reason and have their name associated with the accusation.

If you're a model and feel you have been unfairly placed on this list, contact me and explain your case. I am willing to listen to reasonable explanations.

To condemn a model to this list, email to me her model alias and ModelMayhem ID#, and I will add her to the list! I have included some headshots in the Excel version of the list. I haven't figured how to get them to appear in the PDF.

The UnReasonable Models List (Excel format)

The UnReasonable Models List (.PDF format)

Examples of behaviour that might get a model onto this list:

1) Completely negotiating rate, content, hair, makeup, location, time, contact info etc. Then demanding a higher rate.

2) Demanding that she get all the images for a shoot at the time of the shoot.

3) Demanding that she get get images, even though you are paying her a normal rate for the content being shot. If she wants to get images included in her compensation, she should offer a lower rate.