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Life is a stream of events, some wonderful, some less so.

One purpose of photography is to capture the best events of our lives, such that they can be re-experienced when desired, in the most vivid way possible!

Why should you choose me?
You might ask yourself why you should come to me, instead of getting your portraits taken at a mall, or big box store. Let me tell you a few things about myself, and how I work, that might help you with that important decision.

Experience and Personal Service! I have been a photographer for many, many years and have a deep passion for it. I also have a real understanding of both the art and the science involved. There is more to you than what shows on your face. I feel it's important to take a little time to become familiar with you and your planned use of the photos, so that I can capture the essence of who you are, and not simply snap a picture of you. I can even provide consultation, regarding how to make sure your framed family portrait will blend beautifully into you home's decor. I also have a lot of experience with the modeling industry, and can provide valuable advice on how to shape your modeling career. Not many photographers have the knowledge, or will take the time, to do these things.

Comfortable environment and professional, sensitive treatment! From our first phone conversation, to the minute you leave my studio, you will receive nothing but the most professional, yet friendly, photographic experience.

Quality Results!
Of course I have great equipment, but that's only a small part of the formula. Because of my level of knowledge of the subtleties of this craft, as well as my comfortable, conveniently located studio facilities, I can use special lighting configurations to capture more about you than would be seen by many other photographers, and certainly would be totally lost on the person at a big box store, who simply clicks the button on a standard setup that was put together by someone else.
I hope you'll see the value in these things, and give me a chance to show you the difference in your resulting images, that will capture you and your family at their best. It's not just a slogan, I really do "Create Art in Your Image"!

Expert Retouching! I am very experienced with a variety of digital enhancement tools, so I can make sure you'll look your best, even if you were having an off day during our shoot. If you're looking for a really exotic look, I can also add special elements, or backgrounds to your images.
All the services you need, at a price you can afford!
Following, are some of the various services that I can perform for you. I try to keep the cost of each in line with my competition, but try to keep in mind that there is more to a photography session than just the cost. You are presumably considering my services because you want to capture yourself or your family, or employees, in such a way that you look your very best, and create images that stand out from others you've seen. Years from now, when you look at the images we create today, you'll fondly remember these moments, and how great you looked, but I doubt you'll remember what the cost was.

A special benefit, just for women...Phototherapy: As a glamour photographer I've worked with many different kinds of people, most of them women. Many of these women, even though they are beautiful, don't really feel good about themselves, or are not confident about their bodies. I have found that the coaching and support I provide during my sessions, acts as a form of therapy for many of these women. After our session they feel much better about themselves. And once they see the pictures, they feel better still.

By The Way: I offer Flexible payment terms: I accept cash, checks, and Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmericanExpress credit or debit cards.

My Services: Weddings are not something I generally do. But other than that, if there's a service you're looking for, but you don't see listed below, please contact me. I'm sure I can fulfill your needs.

Model Photos: If you like my Fine Art Nudes or other model photos and would like to purchase them, You can browse my entire collection at: Model Photos For Sale Library

Big Project? You can also hire me by the day or half day!

Travel time beyond 30 minutes from Lowell, MA is $30 per hour of drive time in 15 min. increments.


Mon thru Thur: 9AM to 9PM

Weekends: Sat & Sun 9AM to 5PM (Nov 1st thru Apr 15th only)

From Apr 15th thru Oct 31st, weekend shoots can only be done at my lake location (near Wakefield, NH/Acton, ME).


Places where I shoot:

My studio:

On Rt 62 in Wilmington, MA:

Whistle Stop Studios

-->Location Shoots: If you want me to shoot your location session at sunrise, add a $25 "early hours fee". A booking deposit of $50 will also be required for early hours shoots.
I have a number of beautiful locations at which we can shoot your session. These include, but are not limited to:

Obviously, location shoots are highly weather dependent and therefore subject to last minute cancellations, and may incure travel expenses as well.

Preparing for your Shoot:

Here are some tips that will help you look your best, and get the most out of your shoot.

Image Ownership and licensing:
When you hire me, you are paying me for the time I spend shooting your pictures. There is often confusion among clients regarding who owns the images I take for them. Not only in my case, but with any photographer, the photographer always is the sole Copyright owner of all the images he takes, regardless of who paid for the session they were taken in. As the client you need a license from the photographer to use those images. The proof images on a CD are primarily provided to help the client select prints, or digital files to be purchased from the photographer. The resolution of the proof images is 72 dpi, which is fully adequate for viewing them on a computer screen but not for printing. With the popularity of online networking sites such as ModelMayhem, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, I also include a license which allows use of the proof images for that purpose. The proof images are NEVER TO BE PRINTED or modified in any way. Purchased prints do not have a watermark, instead they have a label on the back which gives my contact info for future reference.
If you have a project for which you will need ownership of the Copyright for the images, that can be negotiated prior to the shoot. But the cost for this will be significantly higher than a normal shoot.

About Watermarks
I watermark my proof images to protect them from being used improperly. It is there to remind the viewer that the image belongs to the photographer. It is a federal crime to remove the Copyright watermark from an image. The watermark itself is a small semitransparent image"© 2018" placed in a corner of the picture. Usually the lower left corner.

What my watermark looks like:

Custom Print Pricing:

You may want to read this to better understand some of the terminology involved.

Available in either matte or glossy finish.
Prints are not watermarked, but have a label on the back with my contact information.

Buy $200 worth of any combination of prints and take 15% off!

Standard Paper Prints: Archival Quality Giclee Fine Art Prints (1" White Border):

I stock the following mats (in white only):

Custom mats in other colors and dimensions also available (ask for quote).

Gallery wrapped canvas prints, ready-to-hang, (no framing necessary):

Acrylic Prints (1/4" thick with 3/4" Wall Float)

Rectangular Metal Prints (Other shapes and sizes available upon request)

Digital Image Pricing:

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