The UnReliable Models List

The purpose of this list is to distribute the names of models who have broken promises, failed to communicate, and basically shown that they have no respect for the time of others. This is what is generally known as a "Blacklist". Models, you DON'T want to be put on this list!

Models get put on this list by photographers they've wronged by wasting their time. The photographer must state the reason and have their name associated with the accusation. Flaking even once is sufficient to put a model on the list if she demonstrated that she wasn't concerned about wasting your time. Personally, if a model gets sick, even at the last minute, contacts you and asks to reschedule, I give her one more shot.

If you're a model and feel you have been unfairly placed on this list, contact me and explain your case. I am willing to listen to reasonable explanations.

To condemn a model to this list, email to me her model alias and ModelMayhem ID#, and I will add her to the list! I have included some headshots in the Excel version of the list. I haven't figured how to get them to appear in the PDF.

The UnReliable Models List (Excel format)

The UnReliable Models List (.PDF format)


def: Flake (noun: an unreliable model), (verb: To recklessly waste a photographer's time)

Some of the most common reasons I've found that models flake:

1) Parents, or jealous boyfriend, finds out about her modeling

2) Forgot she booked the shoot

3) Even though she agreed to do nudes, she decided she's not ready for that

4) Got a better offer for that day

5) Decided she's too good for TFCD even though she agreed to it.

6) Got drunk the night before and didn't feel like getting out of bed

7) She's working two jobs, going to school, and has a baby, but books photoshoots in case she has "spare time"

8) She doesn't have gas for her car, or her car won't start. She doesn't have enough money to get on the subway to the studio.

9) Her escort has a hangnail.

10) She can't find an escort, but insists she needs to bring one.