Definitions of the Various Types of Photo Sessions


Swimwear: The model is wearing a bathing suit of some kind, some of which might be quite skimpy. The model’s nipples or genitals are never exposed however.


Glamour: Usually high key (white background) or exotic location shots, in exaggerated and seductive poses wearing very stylish clothing or lingerie. Often the model is topless or partially nude. There is almost always direct eye contact with the camera.


Lingerie: Model is wearing lingerie which is usually sheer or very skimpy. The model's body is somewhat visible through the sheer fabric, but usually only hints of nipples and buttocks are shown. Genitals would never be visible.


Implied Nude: The model is partly or completely nude, but in the finished picture, nipples and genitals are hidden by the pose. Buttocks are usually hidden as well but may be shown from the side.


Body Painting: This consists of an artist painting the model’s nude body, such that it looks like she is wearing clothing (usually a swimsuit, or lingerie, but may be abstract art or a portrayal of an animal or other things). The model needs to be completely nude during painting, but when photographed afterwards it’s hard to tell she’s just wearing paint.


Flashing (AKA “Snap and Dash”): This is a type of situation photography where the model is photographed in a public place exposing parts of her body. In some cases no one else is around, and in other cases the model may be totally nude on a crowded street. This is done very quickly and then the model and photographer quickly leave the scene, hence the term "Snap and Dash". :-)


Artistic Nude: The model is completely nude, but posed in an artistic, classy way such that there isn’t a sexual connotation associated with the picture. Breasts and buttocks are usually shown but the genitalia are not visible (perhaps a hint). Also, the model’s eyes are not usually on the camera. The eye contact is the main thing that distinguishes artistic nudes from glamour nudes.


Erotic Nude (or Adult Nude): The model is completely nude and posed in a sexually suggestive way such that there is a clear sexual connotation associated with the picture. The genitalia are clearly shown, usually with the legs open.


Pin-up style: This is a style that was popularized in the 1940s and 50s. The definition is fairly loose but generally consists of the model clothed (or partly clothed) in undergarments and set in a fairly contrived environment. The background is generally white or light colored and usually contains only simple elements like a single chair or bed. The model’s facial expression is very important and can range from surprise to embarrassment to flirtatious to seductive but is always exaggerated.


Maxim style: Mostly swimsuit and lingerie shots with no visible nipples, buttocks and certainly no genitalia. Some are implied nudes however.


Playboy style: Classy, seductive, nude shots. Breasts and buttocks are the focus of attention. Often the genitalia are at least partly visible, but are not the center of attention in the picture. The pose is usually very relaxed and seductive or playful, and the setting very glamorous (e.g. a classy looking bedroom, bar, or swimming pool/spa).


Penthouse style: Erotic nude shots. The female genitalia are almost always shown, and are often the center of attention in the picture. Female masturbation or exhibitionism is usually included.


Hustler style: Pornographic erotic nude shots, in which the female genitals and even vaginal opening, are clearly the focus of attention, and usually involve the insertion of sex toys or even a penis.